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We have an extensive range of meat products for all occasions – whether it’s filling the freezer in time for the Summer months, or it’s feeding your family for the week with our meat for a week pack, full to the brim with sausage rolls, chilli con carne meals, pork chops, chicken legs and more!

Below you can see our extensive range of products and their excellent prices but as always if you have a question for us, use our contact us page and we’ll get back to us as soon as we can.

Product Min Kg Per Tray
Frying Steak  1.2kg £10

Sirloins Steaks 1kg £10.00
Rib Eye Steaks 1kg £10.00
Premium Frying / Braising Steak 1.3kg £10.00
Sirloin Steaks 2kg £20.00
10 Homemade burgers 1kg   
Large Frying Steaks 650g £5.00
6 Thick Cut Rump Steaks 1.3kg £10.00
Best Braising Steaks 1.4kg £10.00 on offer

Diced Stewing Steak 700g  £5.00 
Fresh Mince 1.1kg £5.00 10% Extra

Strongman's Steak  Pack 6.5 lbs £20.00
 Frozen Ox Hearts  1.5kg   £4.00

 Best Brisket Joint 900g  £7.00 
 2 Best Brisket Joints 1.4kg  £10.00

 Best Beef joint 500g £5.00
 2 Best Beef Joints 1.4kg £10.00 
 4 Best Beef Joints 3kg £20.00 special offer
 X Large Beef Joint          from £12.00 to £40.00  ask staff when in store
 Premium Range    
 Select Top Rump Steak 1.3kg   £10
 Select 2 T-Bone Steaks 800g  £12
 2 Select Sirloin Steaks 400g  £6

 Select Stewing Steak 500g  £5
 Select Mince 5% less fat 650g  £5
 Select Angus Beef Joints 900g  £8
Lamb loin Chops 1kg  £10.00 

Minty Lamp Loin Chops 1.3kg £10.00
Minty Chump Chops 1.8kg  £10.00 
Lamb Leg Steak 1kg £10.00
Finest British Lamb Steaks 900g  £10.00 
Minty Lamb Steak 1.1kg £10.00
Diced Lamb 500g £5.00 ring for stock availability
Lambs Liver 1 kg £3.00 

Best Lamb Joints             from £6.00 to £15.00
Whole Legs Of Lamb      from 1.4kg  £12+
3 Leg Lamb Joints 2.4kg £20
2 Leg Lamb Fillets 1.4kg £12.00

Minty Boneless Lamb Joints





Minty Lamb Shoulder  900g £6.00
 2 Lamb Shanks 700g £5.00
 4 Minted Lamb Shanks 1.8kg  £10.00 

 Half leg of pork  5Kg  £12
Pork Loin Steaks 1.2kg £5.00 on offer 20% extra free
Thick cut Pork Loin Steaks 2.2kg £10.00 
 2 Pork Loin Fillets 800g   £6.00
Thick Cut Pork Chops 1.2kg £5.00
Thick Cut of Belly Pork  1.2kg £5.00
 Large Boneless Pork Joint 2.4kg £10.00 
 X Large Boneless Pork Loin Joint 4.4kg £18.00 
4 Pork Loin Joints 2.4kg £10.00 
Bone and Rolled Shoulder Joint 1.3kg  £8.00 out of stock
3 Gammon Hocks   £6.00 ring to order for stock availability. 
3 Pork Legs Joints - on the bone   £10.00 ring for stock availability

Super Roaster Chicken 1.8kg £6.00 each 2 for £10.00 
Chicken Drumsticks 1.5kg £6.00 
Skinless Chicken Thighs 950g  £5.00 
2 Whole Chickens 2kg  £6.00 
Chicken Fillets 'Big Box' 4kg £20.00
8 halves of Chicken 5kg £12.00
Chicken Legs 2.5kg £5.00
Chicken Fillets 1.8kg £10.00
6 Chicken Breast bone-in 1.5kg £6.00 
Fresh Chicken Legs 2.5kg £5.00
Fresh Diced Chicken
800g £5.00 

Whole Ducks    1.7kg  £4 each 3 for £10
Turkey Stir Fry    800g £5
Turkey Escalopes 800g £5
 Whole Geese                    
Frozen Whole Turkeys                       from £20.00
Minced Turkey           

 Fresh & Tasty & Stir Fry  1kg  £5.00  chinese Pork ? chicken, Cantonese Beef, Chilli Beef,Minty Lamb

Product Price
FRESH MULTI PACKS - some contents may vary  
 Breakfast Packs:- 700g Sausage, Pack of bacon, black pudding and a block of cheese.  £5.00
 3 Roast pack:- 1 large chicken, Gammon Joint & Pork Loin Joint  £10.00
 5 Roast Pack:- 1 Beef Joint, 1 Lamb Joint, Gammon Joint, Pork Loin Joint & 1 Large Chicken approx 4kg £20.00 

FROZEN MULTI PACK DEALS - some contents may vary  
 Meat For A Week Pack:- 1kg of Southern Fried Chicken Portions, Large Sausage Rolls, Jumbo Sausages, 2 Chilli Con Carne Meals, 1kg of Pork&Beef Mince, BBQ Pollock Fillets, Bag of Pork chops and a Bag of Chicken Legs -- contents may vary £18.00 

Kids Mega Meal Deal:- 6 Pizzas, Southern Fried Chicken Portions, sausages, Burgers, 6 sausage rolls, Breaded Fish Fillets, Potatoes Wedges, Potato Footballs - Contents may vary £15.00
 Breakfast Pack:- Pack of Bacon, Tray Of Sausage, Black Pudding & A Block Of Cheese - we also sell oatcakes £1.00 per 1/2 dozen £5.00 

 BBQ Pack, 24 Sausages, 8 Beef Burgers, 800g of Minty Lamb Chops, 1kg Of Spicy Chicken Wings, 1kg Of Chinese Pork Ribs, 1kg Of Flavoured Chicken - contents may vary £20.00 
 Flavoured Chicken Legs, Chinese, BBQ, Garlic, Tikka, Tandoori, Jamaican Jerk,Piri Piri, Hot & Spicy - 2.5kg tray £5.00
Flavoured Pork Steaks, Chinese, Garlic, Peppered, Hot & Spicy - 1.2kg tray £5.00 
Flavoured Pork Ribs, Hot & Spicy, BBQ, Salt & Pepper, Salt & Chilli and Chinese - 1.3kg Tray - ask a butcher if you require your ribs plain  £5.00
 Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings - 500g  £2.00 each or 2 for £3.00 
Peppered Steak - * Special Offer* Buy One Get One Free 400g trays  £5.00

Sandwich Bacon 2 kg £6.00
Sandwich Bacon 1.36kg £4.00
Large Gammon Joints FB Offer    £5.00
Best back Bacon 1.36kg £6.00
6 Packs Of Bacon (smoked/unsmoked) £5.00
Gammon Steaks 1.2kg  £5.00
Gammon Steaks per 2.5kg
Best Gammon Joints                                       from £5.00
3 x Gammon Joints                                          from £6.00
1/2 Horseshoe Gammons                               from £10.00
Whole Horseshoe Gammons                          from £18.00
Blakeman's Fresh Sausage 700g Trays, Traditional, Cumberland Whirls, Lincolnshire, Pork & Leek, Pork & Tomato, Thick & Thin £3.00 per tray,2 for £5.00, 3 for £7.00
Blakeman's Supreme 8's 2kg £5.00 per tray
Best Sausage 80 per box £8.00
Best Jumbo Sausage 40 per box £8.00
10 x Fresh Homemade Beef Burgers £5.00
24 x Catering Burgers £7.00






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